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On a Friday afternoon all children in KS2 get the chance to participate in Enrichment. At the beginning of a half-term all the children will be told which activities will be on offer for Enrichment. The children then number the activities in order of which they would prefer to do. Then the children are given one of their first 3 choices depending on which activities are of high demand. The children participate in this activity for the half-term.

The activities  on offer for enrichment give the children the opportunity to try new things and learn new skills. Enrichment also gives the children the opportunity to mix with children from other year groups.

The activities available this term are as follows:

Activity Adult
Board games Mrs Willshaw
Team games Mrs Mclean
Engineering Mr Carass
Friendship bracelets Mrs Cooper
Art Miss Hill/Mrs Hobson
EY EY unit
Drama Mrs Metcalfe
Craft club Miss Carnall
Recorder Mrs Stockdale
Dancing Mrs Hobson
PE crew Mr Gair


On a Friday the children in KS1 also get chance to particpate in Enrichment however it runs slightly different to Enrichment in KS2. In KS1 the children are still in mixed age groups but complete every activity on offer over the term. Each activity lasts for 2 weeks then the children swap to the next activity. Enrichment in KS1 still has the same benefits for the children as KS2.

In KS1 children who have not completed and handed homework in miss Enrichment time to complete it. Also children who are orange on our behaviour traffic light system miss 5 minutes and children on red miss 10 minutes.