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Autumn 1


This year Mathematics Mastery is taught in Year 1 and 2. Mathematics Mastery is based heavily on the children talking to one another as research shows that if a child can explain it to someone else they have a sound knowledge themselves. For further information about Mathematics Mastery please visit the Mathematics Mastery page on our website.

The children in KS1 have a daily 1 hour maths lesson then a 10-15 minutes maths meeting on an afternoon. In the maths meetings, the children go over and embed basic mathematical concepts that are not taught everyday in our 1 hour maths lessons. We practise these concepts through singing, chants and questions. Some of the areas we cover in the meetings are days of the week, months of the year, shape, odd and even numbers, data handling, sequences and time. The children love our maths meetings.

Literacy- Writing

The children have a 1 hour literacy lesson every day. Within these lessons, the children are taught a range of genres in accordance with the National Curriculum. Along side the writing element of literacy, the children in KS1 are taught basic grammar skills such as making nouns plural by adding s or es, using prefixes and suffixes to change the meaning of words, adding ‘ed’ to make a verb past tense. Grammar is taught in both year 1 and year 2 to ensure the children are ready for the grammar statutory test in year 2. In KS1, we try to link our literacy lessons into our topic. This term our topic is Moon Zoom. Click here for a link to the National Curriculum.

Literacy- reading/phonics

Reading and phonics are very important in KS1. The children have daily phonic sessions and they work on one or two sounds and relating codes each week. The children’s spellings are related the phonic code/s they are working on that week. Reading is very important in KS1 and we try in school to read with the children as often as possible to develop their reading and comprehension skills. We encourage parents/carers to read with the children every night but if not three times a week is essential. Remember if the children read three times a week for four weeks they will move to the next colour on the reading rainbow and get their certificate.

The videos below are demonstrating how to say each sound and their alternative codes.



We use ‘Cornerstones Curriculum’ for our topic lessons. This is a creative curriculum based on 4 stages: engage- develop- innovate- express. Our topic this half term is ‘Moon Zoom’ – The children will be learning about the different planets that make up our solar system. On Tuesday 10th September something strange crash landed in the studio. The children were bond excited to investigate what they think it was. The children decided they thought it was an alien because there was slime, a jet pack, footprints, glitter and all sorts of other exciting things. In this topic the children will learn lots of exciting new things about space and the planets. They will also make a spaceship and a moon buggy.

Some of last years topics!

Last half term we learnt all about dinosaurs! We looked at dinosaurs teeth and different types of fossils. We made our own dinosaur fossils, dinosaur sock puppets and dinosaur shaped biscuits! Animals from the Kirkleathem Owl Centre came to visit us as well, we seen an owl, two snakes, a bearded dragon, a chicken and a duck!

The children will be given family homework based on their current topic. They will be given family homework every half term and are expected to create a piece of work linked to their topic.

Previous homework from this academic year:

Moon Zoom