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We are a ‘Pobble’ school here at Thornaby C of E VC Primary School. This means that the children are taught how to craft a truly excellent piece of writing and have this writing published online. It is published on Pobble.com which is a safe, online educational platform where young authors are connected with readers from all across the world.

Presently, it is the children in Years 3 and 4 who access this resource. Their class teachers are monitoring this closely to study the impact of crafting writing, the editing process and finally publishing work upon pupil progress.

Their writing can be of any genre and from any curriculum subject. At present, we are focusing mostly on Literacy, but also upon cross curricular links with our Cornerstones topics.

A typical Pobble sequence is as follows;

  1. Introduce a stimulus for writing. This could be a picture from the Pobble365 website, a topic link or a kinaesthetic stimulus in the class.
  2. The children plan out what they wish to write, taking account of sentence types, descriptive vocabulary and content.
  3. Writing the text by following their plans, teacher advice and the sharing of ideas with one another.
  4. The work can be marked and published at this point or edited and redrafted first based on teacher or peer feedback.
  5. Once published/uploaded to the website, the work can be commented on by other Pobble users and also the teachers, parents and classes involved. Even well-known authors such as Michael Morpurgo can comment!

In school, the published ‘Authors of the Week’ receive a certificate, have their work displayed for all to see and have a special mention in class and also in Collective Worship.

As a school we are committed to improving the standards and enjoyment of writing. We like to share this commitment and enthusiasm with both the school and the wider community.

Please click on the link below to find and read some of our writing.

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