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P.E Crew

Some children from year 6 were chosen to form a P.E crew. These children help set up P.E lessons and encourage other children around school to join in with P.E and enjoy it. Here is what some members of the P.E crew have to say:

I enjoy being P.E crew because it’s built up my confidence to help people get fit. Leading all the warm ups. I love to make people smile and I love taking part in the tournaments and also setting up the lessons. – Callum P.

I like being in the P.E crew because I like sports and athletics. I also like being part of the P.E crew because we go to lots of places and organise who’s doing what in tournaments. It is a big responsibility because you need to make sure everyone gets involved and make sure everyone puts 100% in everything they do. – Cienna H.

I enjoy being P.E. crew because its really fun setting up P.E., helping to take down the scores on sports day and helping doing sports tournaments with the school. I like doing warmups with the other kids in my class and inspiring people to get fit. – Joseph P.

I enjoy being a part of the PE crew because we do tournaments and we learn how to become a good sports leader. We also encourage other pupils to participate in PE and help them to become a good leader and team captain. In our school we do PE every Thursday to make our bodies fit and healthy. I really enjoy being PE crew as PE is one of my favourite things.
– Nancy P.

I enjoy being in the  P.E. crew because I get to help out with events, warm people up and help coach. I also get to organise tournaments and help people progress and stay fit and healthy. –  William M.