Current learning


In KS1 children have an hour literacy lesson every day. Within these lessons, the children are taught a range of genres and grammar skills in accordance with the National Curriculum. We try to link our literacy lessons with the topic that is being taught. We also provide the children with daily phonic sessions so that they learn several new sounds a week. Children read to an adult as often as possible to develop their reading and comprehension skills.


In LKS2 children have an hour literacy lesson. Within these lessons, children are taught a range of genres in accordance with the National Curriculum. Grammar is taught through out the week. Children read with an adult two to three times a week in LKS2, 1:1, in small groups or with the teacher in guided reading.


The children in UKS2 have an hour literacy lesson every day. Within these lessons, the children are taught a range of genres and grammar skills in accordance with the National Curriculum. The Children take part in guided reading sessions.



The children in KS1 have a daily 1 hour maths lesson then a 10-15 minutes maths meeting on an afternoon. In maths meetings, the children go over and embed basic mathematical concepts. Some of the areas we cover in the meetings are days of the week, months of the year, shape, odd and even numbers, data handling, sequences and time. The children love our maths meetings.


The children in LKS2 have a daily 1 hour maths session, followed by a 10-15 minute maths meeting in the afternoon. Our maths meetings are focused on mathematical concepts that need to be revisited throughout the curriculum. We engage all learners with songs, chants, problems and questions.


The children in UKS2 take part in an hour maths lesson every day following Maths Mastery. In order to enhance children’s understanding further, we have introduced maths meetings. These meetings are held for 10-15 minutes every afternoon and consist of chants, singing and the coverage of basic maths skills.



Autumn 1
In KS1 our topic this half term had been Dinosaur Planet. We have found out lots of things about when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, we know all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We know that meat eaters were fast and plant eaters were slow. We have loved finding out about the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning and have made our own salt dough fossils and Y2 have written diary entries of Mary Anning’s life story. We have been extremely creative as well, baking dinosaur biscuits, designing dinosaur sock puppets and making dinosaur skeleton pictures from pasta.


In LKS2 the topic has been Scrumdiddlyumptious, this involved looking at fruit and vegetables and creating some portraits using them. The children tasted smoothies and then created one of their own.  In science, the learning has been about the human body including the skeleton. 


In UKS2 our topic has been ‘Stargazers’, e.g. why we have day and night, phases of the Moon, order of the planets, investigating Galileo’s theory that even though objects are different weights, they will fall at the same speed due to gravity (unless air resistance gets in the way), designing & making a Mars Rover.


Autumn 2
This half term the children in KS1 have loved learning about the Great Fire of London. We enjoyed finding out about what it was like to live in 1666, in PE we did a Great Fire dance, in art we created fabulous cityscapes and in our writing we thought about what life was like and wrote diary entries, just like Samuel Pepys. We were also lucky enough to participate in the new ‘now press play’ drama about it and we acted out, grabbing buckets from the Thames to searching for our lost cat in Pudding Lane!
We have also enjoyed learning about the Christmas Story, we have learned songs, written different accounts from the characters in it and made cards, calendars and decorations to get us ready for the big day.


This half term the topic in LKS2 was Potions. To start our topic, we did a quick experiment with Skittles and warm water. This made a super rainbow of colours in a very short time. It was amazing. In science, we learnt about solids, liquids and gases. There was loads to find out and investigate about gases with bottles of pop and melting with chocolate and ice. In Literacy, we wrote non-chronological reports and read some Christmas poems. Our Computing work was about creating spreadsheets. We didn’t have a Christmas concert this year, but we enjoyed learning a new Christmas song for our school Christmas songs list which was recorded for parents.


The UKS2 topic was ‘Frozen Kingdom’, a topic which the children really enjoyed. The children learnt about the continents of the world, the Equator/Tropic of Cancer/Tropic of Capricorn, longitude and latitude. They learnt that Antarctica is a continent whereas the Arctic is a frozen ocean surrounded by countries which a North of the Arctic Circle. They investigated the adaptations of animals that live in the polar regions, e.g. penguins having wings that have been streamlined into flippers, whales having a layer of blubber to keep them warm, seals being able to use every molecule of oxygen in their blood so that they can dive deep and hold their breath for a long time when finding food. They learnt about famous polar explorers eg Ernest Shackleton. Plus much more!  They presented their knowledge at the end of the topic by creating a PowerPoint in the ICT suite.