At Thornaby Church of England Primary School we have designed our curriculum to ensure that all children acquire the skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematical understanding. These are skills for life – without a good grasp of these key skills, children will struggle to access their secondary school education or cope with further education or the world of work.

The key skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematical understanding are taught explicitly during the morning session but also through every curriculum area providing the children with the opportunity to practice every day.

Each half term every child has a personal, Assertive Mentoring interview with their teacher and targets are set in Literacy and Numeracy. These targets are used within other curriculum areas to ensure high standards and expectations are maintained.

For example, during lessons on history, geography, science and religious education children will write reports and diaries, record on tables, produce graphs, and take part in role play activities and discussions.

Our curriculum is a topic- based curriculum which allows indepth and creative learning to take place. Eg pupils will study a topic such as dinosaurs which a range of subjects will be taught through. Certain subjects are taught in shorter sessions each week, like RE, PE, PSHE (and in some areas of the school, music and ICT) to ensure pupils gain maximum benefit.  EYFS have a two year rolling programme to try to ensure that children do not repeat their experiences during their time in EYFS.

All year 3 and 4 children take part in swimming lessons throughout their time in middle team. Each class will go every day for a fortnight. Two classes per term but each class will have two fortnights of swimming during the year. It has been proven that daily swimming has a greater impact on pupil progress than one weekly session over a period of time. 

All year 3,4,5 and 6 children will be taught French on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon teacher.

Our curriculum is relevant to the needs of our children and is adapted to the individual needs of any child with learning difficulties or who is exceptionally talented.

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Our Two Year Rolling Programme

Currently we are on year A.