Lower Key stage 2 (year 3 and 4)


In LKS2 children have an hour literacy lesson. Within these lessons, children are taught a range of genres in accordance with the National Curriculum. Grammar is taught through out the week. Children read with an adult two to three times a week in LKS2, 1:1, in small groups or with the teacher in guided reading.



The children in LKS2 have a daily 1 hour maths session, followed by a 10-15 minute maths meeting in the afternoon. Our maths meetings are focused on mathematical concepts that need to be revisited throughout the curriculum. We engage all learners with songs, chants, problems and questions.



At the beginning of each year, every class spends the first week focusing on Art. Each year group looks at a different artist and produces a variety of art work. 


Covid caused some gaps in topic learning, so at the beginning of this year, the whole school spent a week focusing on Geography so that these gaps could be addressed. 


During October, the school celebrated Black history month. Each year group learnt about a different significant individual and the impact they had on the world.  


Autumn 1

In Science we learnt about forces; covering pushing, pulling, twisting etc. We learnt that forces speed things up, slow things down, start/stop things moving.  We investigated forces that can be used around the classroom, eg opening trays, moving chairs, which the children enjoyed.  We looked at the invisible forces of Gravity and Magnetism.  The children loved investigating using magnets.


Our main topic was Tribal Tales, we learnt about the stone age and bronze age. The children designed, made and painted clay jewellery, which they loved doing. They have been very interested to learn about historical periods from long ago.

Y3 experienced being archaeologists for our topic on the Stone Age.  We dug carefully to try to find interesting objects.

We studied Neolithic patterns during our Stone Age topic and drew some ourselves. Then we transferred them onto pebbles.

Autumn 2
Our topic was Burps, Bottoms and Bile. The children learnt about the digestive system and the route their food travels after entering their mouth. We learnt about the importance of tooth brushing to stop plaque and decay. 

We used disclosing tablets to show up areas on our teeth that we had not brushed properly!

In DT we looked at preparing savoury foods. Year 3 Made healthy food choices for pizzas and Year 4 made Humous. 

Spring 1
Our topic was I am Warrior! The children used Now Press Play to experience life in Roman Times. We Visited Vindolanda to learn about a Roman Settlement.

We followed the recipe to make Roman bread. We were surprised how good it tasted!

In science we explored electricity.  We learnt about things that use mains and battery power. We made mini posters showing warnings about electrical safety. We applied Scientific knowledge about circuits to make a clown’s nose light up and bowtie turn!

Spring 2

Our topic was Misty Mountain Sierra.  We looked at the mountainous regions of the UK.  We found out about how different types of mountains are formed.  We learnt about the features of a mountain, such as summit and face.  We used the points of a compass and a map to complete an orienteering course.  We learnt about Ordnance Survey map symbols and contours on maps.


Summer 1
Our topic was 1066. We learnt about how, when Edward the Confessor died, there were 3 contenders for the throne as he didn’t have any children. We learnt about the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings. We enjoyed creating design criteria for Norman helmets then created them using papier-mache over balloons. We learnt about Norman castles, including motte and bailey. We found out how the Bayeux tapestry is an important source of evidence. We created our own embroideries.