Nursery Home Learning

Dear parents,
                     We will be closing Nursery, except for key workers, until further notice in the light of the current Coronavirus outbreak and recent Government advice. We have prepared this handy pack of EYFS resources to keep your child busy and learning during the closure. The pack contains a range of fun, engaging and challenging activities that encourage children to practise the skills they have been learning in school.

Activities you can do in your home:

• Create music with different items in your home – pots, pans, spoons, etc. Use these ‘instruments’ to maintain a steady beat while singing or ask your child to copy a repeated rhythm.
• Draw! Create pictures of family, sketch flowers, the fruit bowl, toys, write cards for family members, etc.
• Practise writing your name
• Read lots of books and make up your own stories
• Cook with your children
• Build a blanket/pillow den
• Play board or card games which involve sharing and turn taking
• Play hide and seek
• Make a scavenger hunt
• Make a family book, including information about each family member
• Play ‘schools’
• Make paper aeroplanes and record which plane travels the furthest
• Play I spy using initial sounds
• Go on a shape hunt around the house
• Count! Stairs, books, pencils, grapes, washing, anything! Create a mini P.E lesson counting jumps, hops, skips, claps, star jumps, etc.
• Practise phonics as often as possible
• Discuss healthy food and ‘treat’ foods during meals times
• Learn a nursery rhyme or favourite song and perform it to the family

Online websites which will support home learning:

Maths Username: afternoon Password: pass Username: student7447 Password: password


Understanding of the World
Singing/ Rhymes

Other websites offering support and resources: contains videos for the jolly phonics songs, tricky words, numberjacks, numberblocks, etc.
Useful Apps:
Teach your monster to read
Cbeebies storytime

While these websites will be a very useful tool for online learning, the interactions and activities that you do face to face with your children are invaluable.
This decision has not been an easy one to make and we hope to open fully as soon as the Government allows. Please ensure you have signed up to MarvellousMe and have joined the school’s Facebook page as we will keep you informed via these methods.

We thank you for your continued support.