Upper key stage 2 (year 5 and 6)


 The children in UKS2 have an hour literacy lesson every day. Within these lessons, the children are taught a range of genres and grammar skills in accordance with the National Curriculum. The Children take part in guided reading sessions.



The children in UKS2 take part in an hour maths lesson every day following Maths Mastery. In order to enhance children’s understanding further, we have introduced maths meetings. These meetings are held for 10-15 minutes every afternoon and consist of chants, singing and the coverage of basic maths skills.


At the beginning of each year, every class spends the first week focusing on Art. Each year group looks at a different artist and produces a variety of art work. 


Covid caused some gaps in topic learning, so at the beginning of this year, the whole school spent a week focusing on Geography so that these gaps could be addressed. 


During October, the school celebrated Black history month. Each year group learnt about a different significant individual and the impact they had on the world. Year 5 learned about the Windrush Generation and Year 6 learned about the Bristol Bus Boycott.


Autumn 1

In UKS2 the topic was Pharaohs. It was the Study of Ancient Egypt including beliefs and Gods, the journey to the afterlife and mummification. The theme of Egyptians was also extended to our English lessons through a chosen class novel.

We began our ‘Pharaohs’ topic by using Now Press Play. We became a trainee scribe and journeyed to the afterlife with the Pharaoh.

We have learned about the structure of Egyptian society, the process of mummification (including mummifying an apple) and the journey to the afterlife.

We finished the unit by creating lever, pulley or gear systems, in order to move heavy items, just like the Egyptians would have when building the pyramids. The children designed their systems and solved problems in order to improve their designs.

Year 5 Children Challenging Industry (CCI)

Class 12 worked with scientists from Fuji Film to create a cough syrup.  We learnt about the processes involved such as choosing the best ingredient then we looked at filtering and separating by using a centrifuge and finished off by doing some work on viscosity.  We worked with the scientists and visited them virtually in their plant.


Year 6 children took part in an overnight residential at Marrick Priory. We are so proud of how they overcame their fears and showed true resilience. 

Autumn 2

As part of our Bloodheart topic in Autumn 2, we learned about the circulatory system including the role and function of the heart, how water and nutrients are transported around the body and what blood is made up of.


In DT, we discussed seasonality alongside preparing and making our own seasonal vegetable soup and cheese or plain scones. They were delicious!

In Art, we focussed on the use of tints, tones and shades in landscape pictures.


Year 5 were invited to Northfield School in Billingham to take part in a scavenger hunt. The children used map skills, codes and team work to find the co-ordinates. At each point on their map, the children had a fun challenge to complete.


Spring 1
In the first half term of Spring, we studied our topic ‘Off with her Head’ which focussed on the history of the Tudors. We started by learning about the Battle of Bosworth and the impact this had on Britain, looked at both Primary and Secondary sources of evidence to gather insights into the lives of the Tudors and considered the changes in Tudor towns then and now.

Bowes Museum Trip
At the end of the half term, Year 5 and 6 visited Bowes Museum. The visit gave the children an opportunity to extend and consolidate their knowledge about Tudors, make a clay Tudor rose and create a Tudor portrait using mixed media collage.


In Design and Technology we made a storage box. After researching existing products and designing a storage box, the children made a prototype ensuring their final product would be fit for purpose.


In Science we learnt about light. After learning about how light travels in straight lines, we moved on to look at how light is reflected. We learnt about the angle of incidence and the law of reflection. We used practical equipment to show our understanding of how the ray of light is always reflected at an equal angle from the mirror. 

We then looked at how we see colour and used filters to see how that altered how we viewed light.