Upper key stage 2 (year 5 and 6)

Newsletter Autumn


 The children in UKS2 have an hour-long literacy lesson every day. Within these lessons, the children are taught a range of purposes for writing and grammar in accordance with the National Curriculum. The children take part in whole class reading sessions three times a week and will access Reading Plus for the remaining two sessions.

The class novel for Year 5 in Autumn was 

The class novels for Year 6 in Autumn were




The children in UKS2 take part in a maths lesson every day following Maths Mastery. In order to enhance children’s understanding further, we have introduced maths meetings. These meetings are held for 10-15 minutes every afternoon and consist of chants, singing and the coverage of basic maths skills. 


During October, the school celebrated Black history month. Each year group learnt about a different significant individual and the impact they had on the world. Year 5 learned about the Windrush Generation and Year 6 learned about the Bristol Bus Boycott.


Autumn 1


‘The Americas’ was our geography-led topic in Y5 and 6 this half term. Some of the areas of study included time zones, biomes and a comparison of the human and physical features of Thornaby and Mexico City.


In our Science topic in Autumn 1, we learned about the changes in humans as they
develop to old age. We even considered how we ourselves might change as we age.

We recapped on our knowledge from the Ancient Greek topic studied in Year 3/4 and applied this to our DT this half term when we learned about classical architecture.   At the end of the unit, we worked in groups to build a framework with a range of structures to support.

Key Dates Autumn 1
21/9/ 22 UKS2 Parent Meeting and Marrick Meeting for Y6
27/9/22 Y6 to St Peter’s church for worship
29/9/22 Harvest Festival Collective Worship led by Y5
30/9/22 Macmillan Coffee Morning and Flu Spray
4/10/22 Tag Rugby Festival Y5/6
6/10/22 Class 11 Library visit
11/10/22 Y5 to St Peter’s church for worship
17/10/22 – 21/10/22 Year 6 to Marrick Priory on residential.

Autumn 2

This half term, we are studying the Ancient Maya (Hola Mexico). We have learned about where the Maya lived and made a scaled timeline to show key events and periods.

Later this half term, we will learn about Maya settlements, religions and compare the civilisation with the Anglo-Saxons.

In Autumn 2, our science focuses on Living Things and their habitats particularly plants.

‘Distortion and Abstraction’ is our art unit this half term.  

Key Dates Autumn 2
1/11/22 Y5/6 Sportshall athletics
11/11/22 Father Rob to lead the Remembrance Service
14/11/22 Class 12 Library Visit
21/11/22 Class 14 library visit
22/11/22 Class 13 library visit
22/11/22 PE Crew to support KS1 Sports festival
23/11/22 Sportshall athletics finals
14/12/22 Y5/6 Christmas Church Service at St Marks Church (Parents and family welcome)
15/12/22 Christingle Service
20/12/22 Christmas party