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Team points         

Within school we operate a team point system with five teams: purple amethysts; yellow topaz; green emeralds; red rubies; and blue sapphires. These are linked with the five lamps which is our school emblem. Every class has children in each of the five teams. Pupils in Y6 are selected to be team captains. Children are awarded team points for a wide variety of reasons within school, including: for excellent work; good manners; making improved effort, etc. Each child has their own team point card. Once 100 team points are recorded on that card the child receives a bronze certificate. For 200 team points there is a silver certificate and for 300, a gold one. On Thursdays the team captains go around school collecting and counting up all the team points. These are then added to the running total which is announced in Celebration Assembly on Fridays. The weekly team point totals are displayed on the homepage of this website. At the end of each term the winning team celebrate with juice and biscuits. At certain times during the term the team captains hold team talks with the children in their team to motivate them.


Red Ruby

Yellow Topaz

Blue Sapphire

Green Emerald

Purple Amethyst

Attendance and Punctuality

100% Attendance

Attendance is highly valued at our school and we are particularly proud of the improvements we have made in raising our levels of attendance over the past year.

Pupils who attend school every day for a term receive a 100% attendance certificate and are placed into a draw for a prize. This is different each term and has ranged from WHSmith vouchers, to bowling/iceskating family passes to a visit to Nandos to take part in food tasting. Parents also receive an attendance slip each term to inform them of their child’s percentage attendance. Those who attend for every single day of the year are presented with a special certificate, receive a 100% pen and pencil set and are placed into a draw for a larger prize eg an i-pod nano.

Classes who achieve 100% attendance in a week receive an 100% cake to share.

One of our pupils who left to attend secondary school at the end of the Summer term 2012 achieved the fantastic achievement of 100% attendance for the whole of her seven years at our school.

Class attendance

Every Monday class and whole school attendance is celebrated after Collective Worship. Each class receives a coloured slip of their classes’ attendance to go on their class chart. The class with the highest attendance looks after our attendance bear for the week.

Pupils self assess themselves each week on a range of categories including attendance and punctuality.

Individual Attendance Support

Mrs Anderson, one of our PSAs, works closely with families and pupils who require support in order to improve attendance.  This includes family support and a range of other initiatives, including work with the LA Attendance team.