School Clubs

Our school currently has the following clubs running:



Dance Club, Class 3-6, 3.15-4.15pm, Mrs Waterhouse 

 PE Crew Training for Sports Leaders 3.15-4.15pm, Mr Gair

Football Club, Class 7-14, 3.15- 4.30pm Mr Perks, Mrs Mclean and Mrs Thomas



Art Club, Class 7-14, 3.15-4.15pm Mrs Hough

Story Time and Crafts Club, Class 3,4,and 6, 3.15-4.00pm



Singing Club, Class 7-14, 3.15-4.15pm



Netball club, Class 11-14  3.15-4.15pm Miss Waterhouse         

Christmas Club, Reception, 3.15-4.15pm, EYFS Staff



Multisports Club, Class 7-14, 3.15-4.15pm Miss Waterhouse 

If you have any questions about school clubs, please contact the school office or Mr Perks on 01642 763 060.