Curriculum Overview

We believe that our children need to feel safe and happy in order for them to learn and thrive. We achieve this through our distinctive Christian ethos and the support and care our staff all provide for every child. We believe the development and internalisation of four core values of love, perseverance, hope and forgiveness are vital for our children’s future.

Our curriculum is enhanced to meet the needs and context of our children. It is outward facing, setting learning in global contexts wherever possible; it celebrates diversity to emphasise unity; it is rooted in authenticity and context so that learning is relevant.

Please see our Curriculum Overview

We have developed a curriculum that incorporates knowledge, skills and vocabulary in a progressive and sequential way. The curriculum content is grouped into a series of units. Each unit begins with ‘Engage’ -an experience designed to engage the children and frame the learning journey.

During the learning journey, this content is sequenced through the ‘Develop’ stage to ensure that components of knowledge lead to conceptual learning. This analysis is supported by strong subject knowledge from staff and aims for both depth of learning and breadth of coverage.

Opportunities to practise knowledge and learning through ‘Innovate’ are built into the curriculum to secure deep understanding of each discipline. The curriculum planning ensures a layering of knowledge and concepts so that all pupils can make progress.

At the culmination of each project ‘Express’ allows children to embed and share their knowledge and understanding.  The length of each project depends upon the identified learning and outcomes.


We have incorporated five golden threads  throughout our curriculum;

  • An awareness of the wider world
  • Development of resilience
  • Challenging stereotypes
  • Promoting emotional health and well being
  • Preparing children for life in modern Britain