Key stage 1 (year 1 and 2)


In KS1 children have an hour literacy lesson every day. Within these lessons, the children are taught a range of genres and grammar skills in accordance with the National Curriculum. We try to link our literacy lessons with the topic that is being taught. We also provide the children with daily phonic sessions so that they learn several new sounds a week. Children read to an adult as often as possible to develop their reading and comprehension skills.



The children in KS1 have a daily 1 hour maths lesson then a 10-15 minutes maths meeting on an afternoon. In maths meetings, the children go over and embed basic mathematical concepts. Some of the areas we cover in the meetings are days of the week, months of the year, shape, odd and even numbers, data handling, sequences and time. The children love our maths meetings.



At the beginning of each year, every class spends the first week focusing on Art. Each year group looks at a different artist and produces a variety of art work. 


Covid caused some gaps in topic learning, so at the beginning of this year, the whole school spent a week focusing on Geography so that these gaps could be addressed. 


During October, the school celebrated Black history month. Each year group learnt about a different significant individual and the impact they had on the world.  


Autumn 1

In KS1 the topic was Moon Zoom. This topic was all about Space. The children learned about the planets and had the opportunity to make their own moon buggy.  In History, the children enjoyed learning about Neil Armstrong and other space history. The children carried out an investigation to find out if more or less air moves a rocket the furthest.


A strange object crash landed in school. The children had great fun looking for clues on what it was….

The children had great fun designing and making their own moon buggy.

Autumn 2

In KS1 the topic was Splendid Skies. This topic is all about the weather. The children enjoyed learning about seasonal changes and different types of weather. The children made their own kite and wind streamer. In science, the children monitored the weather and the rainfall over the course of a week drawing conclusions on what they find out.

Spring 1

Land Ahoy
In this topic, the children learnt about James Cook and Grace Darling. The children gained lots of knowledge about these 2 famous people and their lives. The children created their own lighthouse and draw maps remembering to include a key.


In year 1 We have been learning about different ways to balance and different types of rolls.

In year 2 we have been focusing on fundamental skills using a ball to catch, kick and strike.

Class 5 attended a Multi-sports Festival. They completed lots of different activities.


In year 1 we have been learning about how to group and sort data using the computer. We learnt how to group and sort data unplugged and also on the computer using Purple Mash.

In year 2 we have been learning how to search on the internet and used our knowledge to find out lots of information about Chinese New Year. We learnt what a browser, search engine and website is. During this unit of work, we also learnt about how some websites are safe for children while others aren’t and what we should do if something makes us feel uncomfortable.

Spring 2 

In KS1 the topic was muck, mess and mixtures. The topic was linked to art and DT. The children enjoyed exploring different messing mixtures using their hands to create artwork. They were able to compare use of colour and textures. The children also had opportunities to taste and explore a variety of foods before designing and making health salad and sandwiches. 

Summer 1 

This half term the topic was Street Detectives. The children went on a walk around the local area to compare physical and human features in the environment.  In class we discussed the different types of houses and how designs have changed over time. We also learnt about we could look after the place where we lived and what else the children would like to add to improve the area further.